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Odd Duck Media is San Antonio's premier internet marketing agency. We believe in doing digital differently, and offer affordable SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Social Media Marketing and Web Design.
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About Us


Odd Duck Media was founded in 2016 as the answer to “conventional” internet marketing firms.

Each of our founding members had previously worked with a large, corporate internet marketing firm in San Antonio. After years of disagreeing with the way these “big box” marketing companies treated their clients, we decided there needed to be a better alternative for local businesses.


At Odd Duck, we manage every single campaign as if we were running it for our own company. We take time to learn your business, your audience and your growth goals. We genuinely care about your ROI, not just the number of clicks or site hits we can generate for you.


You work hard for your business – shouldn’t the guys you pay to run your marketing do the same?

Services Our Clients Utilize

Organic (SEO) Rankings0%
PPC Management 0%
Website Development0%
Social Media Management0%
Reputation Management0%
Website Hosting0%



Ben leads all of our efforts at Odd Duck. Whether it's creation, implementation, ideation, design or execution, his fingerprints are all over each campaign.

Ben Enriquez

The Lead Duck
Billy Crawford

Billy helps with all aspects of the business, including new client acquisition, website builds, on-site optimization, blogging and coffee consumption.

Billy Crawford

The Bald Duck

Penny leads the vision and creative side of the team. She's the Duck responsible for all of our client's images, branding and visuals.

Penny Mendoza

The Creative Duck

Tyler is the Odd Duck tech-nerd. He works on the back-end of all of our campaigns to code, update, minify, mark-up, and all those other fun tech terms.

Tyler Martin

The Technical Duck

Are you ready to experience the Odd Duck difference for your business?