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Tower Roofing

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About This Project

When we first started working with Tower Roofing, they were in serious need of a website redesign. Their old site was hosted on a really outdated server, and the website wasn’t able to be updated to the current WordPress standards. We set a timeline of 45 days from start of the project to have the redesign completely finished, picked a theme that the client liked and got started right away.


Initially, we did run into some issues with the hosting package. That delayed the build-out for several days, but eventually resulted in us moving to a completely different hosting platform with a different provider. By the time that transition had completed, we were within twenty days of our deadline. Not to worry, though! The Odd Ducks were on the job. We finished the website build with time to spare, and then presented the site to our clients and made the necessary adjustments. We were able to go live with the site on the day we’d expected, and the client was thrilled.


Among the features that we added to the new site were an updated user interface, several additional pages of content to showcase all of their services, area-specific landing pages, a significant increase in points-of-conversion for browsing customers and a much more streamlined navigation system. The end result was a website that not only looked significantly sharper, but also allowed for a much simpler connection with potential clients, as well as additionally strong site-structure for SEO purposes.


All in all, we had a few challenges with this particular project, but were still able to meet deadline, stay on budget and deliver a product that the client was extremely satisfied with. Our goal is always to create a website that is visually appealing, works within the current SEO guidelines, and helps direct the customers to contact the business, but most importantly, we care about presenting a finished product that the client loves. Despite some bumps along the road, we were able to hit the mark again and couldn’t be happier for he way this project turned out.