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Completed Project: Spartan Steam Cleaning

San Antonio Website Build Spartan Steam Cleaning

Completed Project: Spartan Steam Cleaning

It’s been a busy start to the month of August for Odd Duck Media, your go-to San Antonio Website Builder. Earlier this week, we finished the previous project for Marvelizing Dry Cleaning, and now we’re proud to announce we’ve finished the San Antonio Website Build for Spartan Steam Cleaning.

Spartan Steam Cleaning was a “new” business that needed a new website to establish their overall presence. They’d previously been operating as a different business name and were expanding services under their new moniker. We met with Chad, the owner of Spartan, at Local Coffee and talked about his needs, the website elements that he preferred, the color scheme that he wanted and a general concept of the San Antonio website build. After talking for a while, we had a good idea of what his site would look like, as well as the overall aesthetic and feel of his website and logo.

We started with developing a logo that matched the clean simplicity, yet edgy and unique feel that Chad wanted Spartan to convey. We made several different versions and styles of logos around his concept, and then sent them over for his approval. After a few tweaks, we had found the right logo and made the necessary adjustments to create the branding and design that would serve as the symbol of Spartan Steam Cleaning for years to come.

Once the logo was finished, we shifted to the San Antonio website build. We initially developed a home page mock-up that we felt captured the high-quality, professional and straight-forward feel that Chad wanted. After another meeting at Local Coffee to review the home page, we made the necessary adjustments and then developed out the rest of the pages in the inner section of the site–pages like the About Us, Services, Coupons and more.

Finally, the site was ready for a final review with Chad on our expected deadline of August 15. We sent the live link to Spartan for approval, got their feedback on some simple changes and updates, and then had the site completed, live and fully operational late that same evening. We also tested all of the functions of the site (free estimate form, contact forms, sliders, responsiveness, etc.) and confirmed that the project was complete. We even helped with some basic SEO functions to help make sure he got his business off to the right start, including building his Google My Business, creating a business Linkedin page, creating a business Twitter, creating a business Google+ page and helping set up his G Suite.

All in all, Chad loved the San Antonio website build that we completed for him and was ecstatic that his new website perfectly captured the feel, style and quality of his business. We’re thrilled to have been a part of the launching of this fantastic local business and hope to be a part of their continued growth in the coming years. If you’re in need of a custom San Antonio website build, contact Odd Duck Media today. See for yourself why we’ve been named a 2017 Top Website Designer in San Antonio.