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Google Dominates Due to Mobile Search

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Google Dominates Due to Mobile Search

Everyone knows that Google is the premier search engine on the internet. It’s seamless, effective and almost ubiquitous with the internet itself. I mean, we have an entire population of people who say “google it” anytime they reference using the internet for any type of search.

But how did Google establish this position of utter dominance? Well, the obvious answer is that their platform provides exceptional user ease and accessibility. You type in something on Google and 99.9% of the time, you’re going to find the best result for what you want within the top result or two. If you don’t, it’s typically your own fault, not Google’s.

The latest data, though, shows that Google’s domination of the online search market has grown exponentially in the past few years. That has to be more than just good service and user-friendly interfaces, right? It turns out, there is another reason for this growing trend.

The simple fact is: Google is wiping the floor with the competition in mobile searches. The latest research shows Google is far and away the most trafficked search engine on mobile devices.


Yes, you read that correctly: Google owns some 95% of all mobile search traffic.

Really, this makes sense. Trends have shown for years that more and more search volume is being conducted on mobile devices, and the amount continues to increase each year. With nearly everyone owning some sort of smartphone, it’s almost impossible to escape Google.

This is exactly why you should be running mobile-optimized campaigns for your business and adjusting the specs to heavily lean on mobile-traffic. Make sure your business isn’t falling behind! Contact our team at Odd Duck Media for a free consultation about how we can help fill in the gaps in your marketing!