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Marvelizing Dry Cleaning

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Website Design
About This Project

Marvelizing Dry Cleaning had a long history of successful business in the Laredo area, not was lacking the presence of a website. They’d had one years before, but it had been dormant since the mid-2000s. When Marvelizing came to Odd Duck Media, there wasn’t a ton of content to build from or ideas to work from.


After consulting with the client to get a feel for what sort of style layout and aesthetic they wanted, we started with the designing the new site. Within three weeks, we’d built a website that was easy to navigate, utilized the color scheme and feel the client wanted, and conveyed a feeling of professionalism and eco-friendliness that the company preferred.


As part of the process, we also developed a new logo for the client and gave them a clear, professional presence that they could build from. The client loved the new website design, as well as the logo we created, and has been receiving leads through their site consistently since the site went live.