Christian Midi Files for Worship - Odd Duck Media
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Christian Midi Files for Worship

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Website Design
About This Project

Odd Duck started working with Christian Midi in late 2017. The project initially called for a simple website build, as the customer already had a website on WordPress and merely wanted to make updates and modifications to it. The original goal of the site was to be a simple, navigable database of midi files of Christian music. We were able to work with the client to determine the goals for his site, and set about the development of the new look.


However, shortly after we completed the site, the client’s domain and site were hacked and the majority of the site and files corrupted. Needless to say, our client was distraught, and called us in to help with the clean-up and restoration. We were not only able to help get control of the site and domain again, but also decided to create a completely new website from scratch, allowing us to not only develop a site that was smoother and more aesthetically pleasing, but also had more built-in security and protection from hackers. We even went one step further and created a new logo for the organization, as we had basically went about an entire rebranding with the new site.


The end result was a new website that the client loved and that reflected the mission and goal of the organization. This was a project we were happy to assist with, as it allowed us to help a non-profit in need and contribute back to the community.