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Specialty Building Services

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About This Project

Specialty Building Services came to Odd Duck Media in early 2018, looking to brand their relatively new business and create some exposure for their business. They had a website, but didn’t love the layout and design, and were looking to get a revamped appeal. After getting a good feel for the business and type of clientele SBS was looking for, we got started to work on their website design.


The first step was to add additional conversion points and landing pages for SEO. After working to revise the current site, we decided to go for a full website rebuild instead, which gave us the opportunity to design the site with conversion and SEO in mind. We used several websites in the industry for examples to draw from, and developed a site that was both aesthetically pleasing and had the necessary elements to help generate revenue quickly and efficiently.


After getting the new website up and running, we shifted focus to developing an SEO strategy, building out the PPC campaign in AdWords, and setting up/taking over the company’s social media pages. Once the initial set up was finished, we worked to develop a great SEO campaign that generated publicity and business.


This particular campaign saw results that were outrageously positive – within three months of starting the SEO, we have thirty keywords ranking within the first three results on Google. Literally, every permeation of keyword that we were tracking was at the very top of page one within 90 days.


While that type of result is completely irregular and atypical, it stands as a sterling example of what can be done with the right approach and strategy. While we continue to work on the online marketing for SBS, we’ll try and find new ways to get them even more business, online traffic, and website conversions.