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Pasadera Builders

Web Designers San Antonio Affordable Web Build
Website Design, Website Management
About This Project

Pasadera Builders came to the Odd Duck team in late 2017. At the time, they had not website presence at all, and were looking to create something that showcased their high-end home building services. Since they primarily worked directly with master-planned communities, they didn’t have much of a need for SEO or digital marketing, but they wanted to be able to refer clients to their website to show them examples of previous projects and showcase their work.


We got started right away on Pasadera’s website design, and we started with a relatively simple concept: build something that puts the portfolio gallery front-and-center of the site. That way, clients and customers can quickly see what types of projects the company handles and the level of workmanship that goes into them. We stayed with our favorite initial look – the large, scrolling slider at the top of the home page – but with client, we felt like less was more, so we didn’t add any content or buttons to the slides. The result was a beautiful, high-resolution image that draws viewers in as soon as they hit the page.


Once we finished the home page, we built out all of the additional service pages within the site, as well as all the portfolio pages for the various projects Pasadera Builders had completed. In the end, we launched the site on their domain and gave them the smooth, high-end appearance they were looking for. We’re currently helping with additional edits and tweaks as the business grows, and will be revisiting online marketing services down the road.