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10 Signs Your Small Business Needs a New Website

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10 Signs Your Small Business Needs a New Website

For businesses of any size, an online presence is not just important – it’s essential. Grow your small business into a larger enterprise by creating a new website – it will boost traffic, increase sales, and promote brand recognition. Designing a modern website will add to the legitimacy of your business and show customers that you are a cutting-edge brand. It also allows you to collect information from users, which will help you refine your services to suit their needs better. There are many advantages to a new website; here are some signs that it’s time for an upgrade: 


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  1.  The load times are long. If a page takes longer than five seconds to load, most users will click away and find a different business. No one has the time or patience for slow websites. Satisfy your busy customers by creating a new website with optimized loading times.
  2.  It isn’t mobile-friendly. A majority of internet users browse the net on their smartphones. Businesses that don’t optimize their websites for mobile users are losing out on a large portion of potential customers. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then it’s time to make a new one.
  3.  It doesn’t have a blog. Many business owners ask: does blogging help with SEO? The answer is yes! Blogs improve rankings and increase traffic – they draw more users to your website, which can turn into leads. Websites with blogs rank higher in search results. Consider investing in a new website with a blog to help promote your business.
  4.  Your website is difficult to navigate. A frustrating website will deter customers who are earnestly searching for the services that your business provides. Make navigation as effortless as possible – otherwise, users will become annoyed, and take their wallets elsewhere.
  5.  It doesn’t satisfy customer demands. Websites will frustrate users if they don’t provide the information or services that they’re looking for. The owner of Print Pro realized how important an optimized website was to meet their customer demands. By designing a new website, customers were able to easily find their business online and have their questions answered quickly. From inquiries to service requests, your website needs to meet the needs of your consumers. Give your customers what they want, and upgrade to a new website that will satisfy their demands.
  6.  The bounce rate is high. This is a measure of the percentage of customers who view your website – then leave immediately. A high bounce rate indicates that your website isn’t pleasing or is too confusing. If your website has a high bounce rate, then it’s time to rethink its design. 
  7.  Sales are down. If your website is outdated, you are missing out on potential leads. This is reflected in a decrease in sales. Invest in a new website to draw new consumers to your business and increase your conversion rate. It will show customers that your business is serious and offers high-end service, which will create even more leads. 
  8.  The design doesn’t match the scheme of your brand. An unattractive website will give the wrong impression of your business. Customers will steer away from an ugly website – lure them back by redesigning your website to suit your brand. Outdated color schemes and designs are a deterrent to potential customers. Revamp the appearance of your website to show users that your business is current. 
  9.  Your website isn’t showing up in Google search results. Let’s be honest: who scrolls farther than the first page of search results when looking for businesses online? If you have to look to the second page of Google to find your business, chances are that customers aren’t finding it, either. Improve your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) by investing in a new website that will rank higher in Google search results.
  10.  It’s been 5+ years since your last website redesign. If it’s been this long since you updated your website, then it probably looks outdated and definitely isn’t running optimally. Represent your business accurately by creating a website that reflects your brand today. 


An outdated website will hinder the sales and reputation of a small business. In today’s technologically-driven world, where most services are moving online, keep up with current trends by investing in a new website. Your business will enjoy greater volumes of web traffic, higher rankings in search results, and more leads from users.


When your small business needs a new website design, look no further than the experts at Odd Duck Media. We offer free consultations to go over all your web design needs and help you develop an online presence that will match your business and help you grow your bottom line. Contact us today!